Who we are

We are a Los Angeles coalition of organizers, activists, unions and community members who have come together to fight the onslaught of attacks on im/migrants. We stand together to improve the living and working conditions of the Los Angeles im/migrant community so we all thrive in the workplace, in the community, and beyond. We are united by anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist values centered around immigration rights and international solidarity. 

Why we exist

As the second largest im/migrant city in the United States, Los Angeles has a national and transnational impact on the fight for im/migrant rights and international solidarity. In order to win the fight, the activist wing of the im/migrant rights movement needs to be strengthened locally, independent of the non-profit and two capitalist political party machines, the Democrats and the Republicans. This is why we have decided to form a coalition of passionate organizers and activists working to build an anti-racist, anti-imperialist, pro-feminist, pro-lgbtq, multi-cultural im/migrant rights movement in Los Angeles.



Organizing Objectives

  • Permanently abolish detention centers from existing in the Los Angeles region.  
  • Inform the Los Angeles community about crucial im/migrant rights legislation and political campaigns.
  • Rebuild the Leftwing im/migrant rights movement in Los Angeles, demanding universal representation, such as full enfranchisement for undocumented members of the community.
  • End the collaboration between local law enforcement and any federal immigration enforcement agencies.

Points of Unity

  • Close the Prison Camps! We believe all detention centers, public and private, must be abolished. They are dehumanizing extensions of the Prison Industrial Complex. 
  • Open the Borders! We believe in open borders for im/migrants and refugees, including climate refugees. 
  • Abolish ICE! We believe all deportations and raids must be stopped. 
  • No Human is Illegal! We believe all im/migrants and undocumented people have the right to be at home and be at peace. Immigration relief must include amnesty, asylum, and citizenship. Our fight must not overlook the unique societal prejudices facing Black im/migrants, LGBTQ im/migrants, and Indigenous im/migrants. 
  • No Ban! No Wall! We believe in international solidarity. Travel bans and militarized borders are tools of white supremacy designed to ensure a precarious underclass of labor.
  • An Injury to One is an Injury to All! We believe im/migrants have the right to organize in the workplace, and that the labor movement is strongest when workers of the world unite.